Go mobile or lose out on a chunk of visitors – says Google

go mobile

Suppose you have a boutique that sells specially tailored suits. People can see your site on the first couple of pages when they type “custom suits” in Google. You have been doing fine until now. You don’t really have a site that can be viewed comfortably on a mobile phone or a tablet, but it has never really affected your sales.

This whole scenario has changed from April 21. You need to have a mobile friendly site to stay in business. On an average, 100,000 people look for “custom suits” on Google (according to their keyword planner”, and nearly thrice the number use some variation of the keywords (like “tailor – made suits”).

Of these nearly 400,000 searches happening every month in Google in USA, only 39% are done on a computer. This means, 61% of the search volume (approximately 240,000) comes from smartphones and tablets. This volume has been impacted significantly by Google’s mobile – friendly algorithm.

So, if you do not have a mobile or a responsive site, you might find it more difficult to rank in Google’s mobile search results.

Google has said that the updates in the algorithm will significantly impact mobile search results all over the world for those who use mobile devices to search. This update will help improve the rankings of sites that provide a mobile – friendly experience to visitors on mobile devices. It also demotes the sites that are not mobile friendly. This means, if you have a site that is not responsive, it will show up as the last few when a searcher searches for your keywords.

This change, however, affects only mobile searches and not those that are done from a desktop or a laptop.

This algorithm has been applied all over the world, page – by – page, and on real – time. This means, the algorithm affects mobile searches all over the world simultaneously and is not rolled out first in USA. Also, the mobile friendliness of each page of your site is judged separately. So, if you have unfriendly sections, your whole site will be ranked such.

“Real time” means that you will be able to see the benefits of making your site mobile friendly right away. Also, if you made an update that would make your site mobile unfriendly, the mobile – friendly algorithm will kick in for those pages the next time your site is crawled.

Beware, though, because real time also works both ways. If an update were made to your site that makes pages unfriendly, the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm would kick in for those pages the next time your site is crawled.

Google says that they wish to improve searcher experience. It is quite frustrating to have to search on a phone and see a page that is so tiny that you can’t click the links properly without resorting to pinching and zooming in and then scrolling wildly to find the link.