Simple ways of increasing website traffic

As the Internet grows popular, it is getting quite difficult to drive visitors to your business’s website. Increasing website traffic is one of the most important factors that affect the growth of a business. The biggest names have highly sophisticated sites and Internet marketing budgets that can exceed the entire revenue of most small companies.

Home is for the heart

No longer is the Internet the wonderful magic marketing tool it once was. A website is now expected, as opposed to it being an advantage a few years ago. It is always a good idea for local businesses to provide everything a search engine expects in order to attract those who can come via online search.

You might be looking for a handyman, but the local ones won’t have a website; and a local handyman agency without a website in not likely to receive a phone call.

Local companies smart enough to have websites packed with useful information will always have a place high on Page One when the Search is obviously Local, i.e. includes City or Zip in the Search criteria.

Piggyback on bigger sites

There are a number sites like Yelp.com that are packed with user reviews. They begin to appear in Results when you are looking for reviews regarding various services around town. Looking for Reviews and Complaints is a standard practice employed by many people when considering a company or product–especially one they have never heard of before.

While it’s always good idea to get your satisfied customers to give you a written testimonial, it would be even better to get those testimonials posted on “outside” websites.

For one thing, testimonials appear more impartial when they come from an outside source. But an outside website can have the added advantage of giving you a link from a third party back to your own site, giving you a little more credibility with Google and helps in increasing website traffic.

This idea transformed Amazon.com.

Free is for the famous

You can never get free business from search engines. It takes time and effort, irrespesctive of what the experts might tell you. On the other hand, getting free publicity is easy for someone who has already caught the public’s eye.

So, how do you catch the public’s attention in the first place?

The media wants a Story, so it’s your job to give them one. When they tell your story, people Search for you. If you’re really lucky, media publicises your URL.

Simple Isn’t Always Easy

These are only a few simple ideas that can be relatively inexpensive. But they do require an investment in Time, Effort, and Creativity.

All you need is perseverance and patience. It will pay off in good time!