Why does your app need push notifications?

Every app must have the ability to send out push notifications. Here are some reasons why.

Market directly to your clients

If you are able to get your customers to download your app and opt in for push notifications, they are essentially providing permission for you to market to them directly. Suppose, one of your first clients has an app allowing his customers to order pizza. Mondays are their slow days when they might only get, say, 4 pizza orders from their app. You can try sending out a push notification offering a discount off a large pizza. You will be able to see the difference. Sales will go up like never before.

High read rate

Email marketing has a dismal read rate of below 14%.   In comparison, push notifications have a 50% higher read rate with click-through rates that are twice as high.

Drive retention rate

Push notifications are an effective way for the app to interact with a user. In fact, according to a recent study, it’s shown that push notifications increase the 90 day retention rate by as much as 180%.

So, if you are currently developing an app you should consider adding the ability to send push notifications.