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At Possibillion, we bring together the best minds in the country to create and deliver unparalleled products and services. 


Our core principle remains the same since the day the company was born – create what’s best for the society and the environment we are living in.

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With the world reeling under the effects of one-time-use plastics, we need a solution that reduces the pressure plastics place on our environment. Our consumable packaging helps reduce the world’s plastic footprint.

Kitchen Gadgets

With increasingly hectic schedules, the need for nifty kitchen gadgets that can help get the work done faster is on the rise. Poorika, our proprietary automatic poori making machine, creates the fluffiest and softest pooris!

Vending Machines

The concept, although nothing new, can be applied to a variety of situations. Our lovefor creating something new has led to the birth of Pan-E-Puri, an automatic paanipuri vending machine – the first in line of many!

IT Services

Our ability to design interactive and revolutionary mobile apps without any compromise on quality. We also dabble (and excel in) IoT and web applications. Our team of experts are the brain behind this specialty!

About Us

Possibillion, established in 2011, has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. Undaunted by competition, we are a cesspool of incredible knowledge, unmatched enthusiasm, and a never-give-up attitude that helps create products of tomorrow.


With brands like Edibyl, Poorika, and Pan-E-Puri, we are set to welcome the future, today!  More info


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