Our products are designed to create a difference – to our surroundings and to the lives of people. 



Inspired by nature’s biodegradable packaging, we, at Edibyl, create cutlery to reduce plastic wastage and help save the environment. Every year, millions of wildlife and humans suffer from the plastic that is discarded. This plastic takes over a thousand years to degrade and adding more to the already existing pile of plastic does not help solve the problem. Our cups and straws aim to reduce our carbon footprint and provide a solution to the ever-increasing problem of disposable plastic.



In today’s hectic times, especially with double income families, it is becoming increasingly necessary to help families reduce the burden of household chores. Additionally, living in nuclear families does not absolve us of the responsibility of socializing on holidays and weekends. With a view of reducing the burden that would befall the lady of the house, we, at Possibillion, have created Poorika – an automatic poori making machine that mixes the dough, rolls it into perfect pooris, and fries them!



With technology, we have improved the country’s most-loved roadside food and given it a hygienic twist. With Pan-E-Puri, all you have to do is select the level of spice in your paani. The machine will mix the masala, and serve you puris exactly the way you want them, all without the germs that contaminate food served on the roadside!

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